• Open HardWare for Mobility

    November 15th in Paris,

    organised with Paris Open Source Summit

  • Why Open HardWare

    Build open bricks,

    Go faster,

    Share resources & development,

    Simplify co-creation without heavy contract,

    Increase your connexion in a large ecosystem,

    Reinvent your business model by focusing on your added value,

    Create standard, increase reutilisation & business

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    Major Projects presented

  • Agenda & Objectives

    9h30 - 17h

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    Major Projects Presentation (morning)

    Sharing knowledge ...

    • General overview, Documentations, 
    • Lessons learns and next 6 months of each project
    • Weakness and (open) resources needed to improve your project
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    A Network of projects

    Connecting the dots ...

    Identification of Best practises : licenses used, how to share, how to build community, Connexion with existing networks and communities

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    Open questions (afternoon)

    workshop Community - How to improve & accelerate projects ?

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    Next steps

    Connecting the community

    • How can we connect open hardware projects and others stakeholders :
      • Automotive professionals : car rental, garages ...
      • Schools for education,
      • OEM, suppliers for open innovation,
      • “Open” Cities as a partner to help implementation,
    • White paper on Open Data, soft and Hardware in Mobility.
  • A new working place in Paris, le Square

    dedicated to Mobility Ecosystem

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    100 rue Amelot - Paris

    Surprise !!

  • Register & Save the date

    November 15th - 9h30 / 17h

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    You are a pilot of Open HardWare project

    identify weakness and open resources needed to improve your project


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    You want to contribute


    In this community


    you can help us with your time, your skills, your knowledge and more...


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